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Our Mission

Together we demonstrate and represent high performance in exploring our creative potential through idea, particle and movement.  Our purpose is to actualize Light and Life through the intentional Action of Self-Leadership.

Our Story

We each have a story and a personal connection to creation.  My beginning happened in Provo, Utah.  Born into a loving family.  Together, over many years, we have integrated many experiences of pain and joy into compassionate action.  These are my first teachers.  My primary teachers.

Relationships are most important.  We don't have to like each other, but we must get along.  This is a beginning point for peace to unfold.  

Social situations have been difficult for me.  I have a knack for math and physics so I studied the relationship of thoughts.  Martial Arts helped me create healthy boundaries and to understand the importance of being flexible.  Spending time with the original people of this land taught me community.  Community is where real change happens, if you are dedicated.  Mathematics taught me abstract thought.  Having done time as a financial analyst for one of the top employee benefits brokers taught me about the community of Corporate America.

I have been highly trained in the use of bio-neurofeedback by Liana Mattulich, M.D. (Argentina).  Using technology in ways taught by the HIKE4evolution system of neurofeedback has accelerated the integration of the many experiences of my life leading to a clear, sustainable vision of what the future looks like.  This vision of becoming more humane together is my life purpose.

In class, we will share stories of perceived failure and actual flexibility.  Meet the team and let us help you create a sustainable vision of your life purpose.

Leadership is about knowing what is available (resources, tools, wisdom) and having the skills of compassionate action to help others learn how their efforts benefit of the whole.  Win/Win outcomes are ideal.

I am an ordinary man (brother, contrary, coordinator, mentor) that works with a team of professional leaders:  Liana Mattulich, M.D. Argentina (matriarch, ambassador, mentor), Alistair Hawkes, M.A., L.P.C. (sister, mother, educator, mentor) and a patriarch full of wise, compassionate warriors.  Together we explore algorithms of discernment and plans of action that are most effective in opening humanity to creative possibility.  This is an ongoing thought experiment seeking to refine our idea of predictable outcomes. We would enjoy your presence as we continue to sharpen our skill set, showing you exactly how we do it so you can reach your highest level of performance. 


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Experienced Leadership

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